Three intertwined rings Rosette Earrings (your choice of colors)

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Mix & match up to three different colors


These are lightweight interwoven aluminum rings on stainless steel jumprings and earwires.

You tell me what colors you want .... you can choose one, two or three colors.

To make it easy, I've pre-listed some blends but chose custom and indicate your colors in the comment section if you'd like different colors.

I've given you some ideas below but I will list the individual colors here (you can see pics of the ring colors on the Lavoro Designs Facebook page under photo albums)

matte gold


bright silver

metallic grey (it's the color of stainless steel)



oil slick black (has green cast)

bright copper

antiqued copper

dark brown


light purple

dark purple

red (this is more of a fuchsia color)

light blue

medium blue

dark blue

light green (this is a yellow green)

medium green

dark green

Color ideas for you:

Shown in the photos are the ombre blue, green and purple and the patriot and christmas blends and the olympian.

Single (3 rings of the same color)

Two on One (2 of the same with one different)

Blends (3 different ring colors)

Olympian - matte gold, silver and bronze

Patriot - red, silver and dark blue

Bad Company - silver, medium blue and matte gold

Christmas - red, gold and dark green

Princess - silver, pink and red

Packers - silver, dark green and matte gold

Frozen - silver, light blue and pink

Primary - red, dark green and dark blue

Ombre (three rings of the same color family from light to dark)

Ombre Blue

Ombre Green

Ombre Dark - silver, black and gunmetal

Ombre Fog - silver, grey, and gunmetal

Ombre Copper - copper, copper patina and bronze

Ombre Purple - pink, light purple, and purple


Gryffindor - matte gold and red

Ravenclaw - medium blue and bronze

Hufflepuff - matte gold and black

Slytherin - dark green and silver